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MOOC: Data-Driven Learning


Note: this MOOC will be fully held in English.

Do you want to base your (learning) decisions on hard data instead of gut feelings and opinions, but not sure where to start?

How do you work with data once you’ve collected it, and what can you do with it on a strategic level? Learn it in our upcoming MOOC that goes live on May 1st. 

What is a MOOC?

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. A completely online learning space in which you will learn together with and from other L&D professionals on a specific topic. Our moderators will also be present online during the weeks of the MOOC to answer your questions and guide the learning process. 


This MOOC is for L&D professionals and managers, and people who want to use data in their work to make better strategic decisions for their academies and organizations. 


This MOOC will cover the following topics over 4 weeks:

  1. Introduction to data-driven learning: What are the fundamentals of data-driven learning? What are learning analytics and why is all of this relevant? How can you show the value of your L&D investments in terms of the larger organizational goals, and use data to do so? 
  2. Identifying opportunitiesDuring this week we’re going to identify opportunities in terms of data: where in your business can you use a data-driven approach and how would you go about it?
  3. Data-driven decision-makingWe’re getting to the core of data-driven learning and exploring how to align data-backed L&D investments with your business objectives and KPIs. 
  4. Future of data-driven learningWhat does the future hold for data and data-driven learning? This last week focuses on AI and analytics. 


The MOOC starts May 1st and runs until May 29th. During this period, a new block will open each week. The MOOC is taught completely online so you can learn on your own time.

Meet the creators: 

Aksel de Leeuw – Aksel is no stranger to optimizing the use of tech within the L&D landscape. His analytical mindset enables him to identify opportunities for growth and efficiency, and his expertise spans the intersection of education, technology and organizational development. 

Max Mertens – Max is a data enthusiast, organizational psychologist, and educational scientist. This allows him to bring different worlds together: how do we use data for learning and performance issues? He advises and facilitates organizations in the implementation and optimization of learning processes with modern learning and analysis technology. 

Do you have questions about data-driven learning or this MOOC? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Aksel or Max.

Are you ready to make empirically sound decisions for your academies?

Register now so you can get started right away on May 1st!

Extra informatie

Start: May 1, 2024

Duration: 4 weeks

For whom: L&D professionals and managers

Cost: free

Language: English